Biomedical and Technical Services

  1. Planning of Central Sterilization Unit

According to the Ministry of Health and DAS criteria, planning is carried out with our expert team in line with the principle of preventing the cross-breeding of the Central Sterilization Units considering the Clean-Dirt-Sterilization distinction.

  • Scientific capacity account in accordance with the number of cases and bed capacity
  • Intelligent placement that improves operational efficiency
  • Predictable and detailed design with 2D and 3D drawings
  • Accurate planning to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Placement to ensure the most efficient use of the devices
  • Stainless equipments planning required in the unit
  • Separation & coating of devices with stainless steel panels
  • Social space planning for users
  • Infrastructure planning and application for steam autoclaves, washing machines, gas sterilization and all other sterilization machines
  • Electricity, fitting and ventilation, etc. installations
  • PVC floor covering, antibacterial wipeable paint application
  1. Medical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services

Hospital services are a public service that should be provided without interruption.

The equipment used during the delivery of this service must be able to operate continuously.

Regular maintenance of the hospital equipments, malfunction detection and repair of spare parts, replacement of the spare parts or re-production in accordance with the original have been done with our expert and certified team.

Our company has the Service Qualification Certificate.

  • Maintenance and repair of sterilization and operating room equipments
  • Periodic preventive maintenance services
  • Providing spare parts
  • Replacement of medical devices
  • Moving devices to different areas and installing
  • Reconstruction of broken, deformed parts of devices
  • Turning, milling and different welding methods and industrial applications
  • Providing spare parts of broken gear, generator resistors etc.
  • Repair, maintenance, refurbishment of precision surgical hand tools
  • Gas and hydraulic piston repair and supply
  • Mechanical systems planning and repair
  • Electronic card and system repair
  1. Water Treatment Services

Central Sterilization Unit and all other devices’ productivity is directly related to water quality. A damage at the system is prevented by removing lime and sediment at the water. It is ensured that the devices are operated for a longer time without any problems.

  • Water softening systems
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment systems
  • Active carbon and ultraviolet systems
  • Dosing Units and Water Chemicals
  • Stainless booster and PE water tanks
  • Supplying filter in different specifications
  • Supplying salt and consumable items
  • Renovation of the existing treatment system