Our company produces stainless steel hospital equipment and provides biomedical maintenance and repair services. It aims to produce functional, stylish and robust products with its expert production staff. SOMED is a company of smiling faces who love to create, invent, invent and create employment. SOMED is a company of innovative bright ideas, not memorized ready-made ideas. SOMED is a server and confidant of the veteran health care workers. SOMED is a colleague of beautiful nurses. SOMED is a smiling face.

Work TableInstrument TableMedicine CabinetTransport Trolley 2 DecksUltrasonic Cleaning Counter
Work Table With DrawerInstrument TableOperating Room CabinetTransport Trolley 3 DecksPre Washing Counter
Work Table With ShelfInstrument Table With DrawerTool CabinetSterile Transfer TrolleyDrain Table
Work Table With Shelf and DrawerIV Pole Metal LegInstrument Cabinet With DrawerWrap Paper TrolleyDisinfectant Containers
Work Table With CupboardIV Pole Metal LegInstrument Cabinet With DrawerBasket Transport Trolley Pre-Rinse Spray Tap
Packing TableIV Pole Plastic LegMaterial CabinetBasket Transport Trolley Air Water Gun
Work Table Cupboard DrawerMayo Table HydraulicNarcotics Medicine CabinetLinen Trolley LinenWork Counter With Single Sink
Linen TableMayoTable MechanicWall CabinetLinen Trolley PlasticWork Counter With Two Sinks
Packing Table Double SidedFalcate TableCatheter CabinetLinen Trolle Dirty and CleanWork Counter With Three Sinks
Packing TableBasin Trolley SingleEndoscope CabinetBasin Carrying TrolleySingle Sink With Base Shelf
Basin Trolley DoubleEndoscope Cabinet DryerLead Apron TrolleyTwo Sinks With Base Shelf
MEDICAL TROLLEYKick BucketDrying CabinetSlippers TrolleyThree Sink With Base Shelf
Crash CartStep – SingleCap Bonnet, Mask CabinetMedical Waste TrolleySingle Sink With Cupboard
Anesthesia CartStep – DoubleMaterial Storage Cabinetİnstrument Transport TrolleyTwo Sinks With Cupboard
Dressing CartSurgical Bowl StandPass Through WindowContainer – Package TrolleyThree Sinks With Cupboard
Dressing CartSponge Sling TrolleyHygiene CabinetPlatform CartMop Washing Sink
Icu Service CartSurgical İnstument TableChemical Storage CabinetsLinen Trolley PlasticBaby Washing Sink
Device TrolleyLinen Trolley PlasticBaby Washing Sink
Medicine and Dressing TrolleyHOSPITAL EQUIPMENTSHOSPITAL STOOLSLinen Trolley PlasticPlaster Preparation Sink
Dressing CartBaby Change TableDoctor Stool ElectricLinen TrolleyEndoscope Washing Sink
Dressing CartBaby Cot / BedStainless Steel StoolLinen Trolley PlasticLiquid Waste Container
ECG & Cautery TrolleyExamination TableStool Hand ControlledEmergency Eye Wash Station
Monitor ArmPedal DustbinStool Hand ControlledMORGUE GROUPEmergency Body Wash Station
Hydraulic Waste BucketStool Foot ControlledDouble Morgue – Front LoadingMEDICAL DEVICES
SURGICAL HAND WASHUNITSBasins Without LidStool Foot ControlledDouble Morgue – Side LoadingCutting Sealing Device
Surgical Hand Wash Unit – SingleBasins With LidDoctor & Surgeon StoolTriple morgue – Front LoadingSealing Device With Printer
Surgical Hand Wash Unit – DoubleConical BasinsTriple Morgue – Side LoadingSealing Device Without Printer
Surgical Hand Wash Unit – TripleKidney BasinsSTORAGE SYSTEMSCorpse Loading StretcherSterilization Reel Cutter
Stainless WashbasinTrommel – Dressing DrumWire Shelving – FixedCorpse Transportation StretcherSponge Cutting Machine
Elbow Controlled Soap DispenserWire BasketsWire Shelving – MovableBody Wash TableSponge Cutting Machine
Betadine DispenserAutoclave BasketsSolid Shelving – FixedBody Wash Table – With SinkUltrasonic Cleaner Mechanical
Photocell Betadine DispenserTool BoxesMobile Shelving – PerforatedAutopsy TableUltrasonic Cleaner Digital
Brush DispenserWall ShelfCBRN StretcherUltrasonic Washing Machine Big
C10 Medical Washing Device
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